Blush Too

When: Last weekend, to a much needed hair do over appointment and walking about downtown.

Remember when you were in grade school and you had that one item of clothing that you wanted to wear day in and day out and the next day to?  I hope you do, because you may also remember that it was a huge taboo to wear something two days in a row.  Well, you're an adult now, you can do whatever you want to with your clothing choices.  And, that is why I decided that this particular silk shirt was so airy, light and a bit more elevated than a t-shirt, that I would wear it on the weekend to.  And that is what I did Saturday.  

There was a slight nagging voice in my head waving a tsk, tsp, tsk finger at me, but I had the sense to put it right back where it belonged, in that closet full of doubters and less than's where it will stay.  So just remember your an adult now, no one else can tell you how to dress.  So dress the way that make you feel your best & have a great weekend.

Top: Joie Rancher B via Nordstrom Rack, $50/$178
Sandals: Flogg Florence Sandal via NR, $50/$102

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