Tibi in Paris

When: Monday of last week, because I finally found the perfect top that make this outfit work.

Hot is what it was last week, not so much this week, as we return to rain and more "Flood Watch" warnings though.  Definitely never want to see this happen ever again in my little city by the mountains.  So I am very thankful for the days it is just plain hot and sunny.  Not much can go wrong on those days....

And the skirt!  Yes, I fell in love with this skirt the minute I saw it on the Tibi website for spring/summer this year.  I hemmed and hawed over the price tag as I have never spent that much on a skirt before.  This one drew me in with its colorful, vibrant palette and dreams of one day visiting Paris.  Luckily since I had just signed up to receive emails through Tibi, they also sent a lovely introductory discount code to use on my first purchase.  It does pay to sign up for emails to a particular brand that you love and could use discounts from.  It's also a great idea to share them with friends as well!

Top: Tibi City Stretch Top via Willow's super sale, $100/$278 
Skirt: Tibi Eiffel Tower Skirt, $210/$245 Similar & love this one
Heels: Tory Burch Leah via Nordstrom Rack, $150/$425
Necklace: J. Crew $20/$90

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